Sep 23, 2009


There is nothing like being greeted by someone that has been awaiting your presence.  This morning I could hear Annabelle in her room chattering and playing in her bed.  Once her chattering turned to disgruntled cries, I opened her door to find her standing up in her bed.  Like a monkey in a cage, she was holding onto the bars of her crib and shaking her bed back and forth. She greeted me with a big, drooling grin and dropped to her mattress and crawled to the side where I was standing to get her out.  When I reached for her, she reached for me and when I scooped her up she clapped wildly and said "yeaaaaaahhhhh!"  

Sometimes I feel far from God.  Not because He has gone away, but because I have become consumed, eaten up, by everything else.  I suspect that each time I return to Him, that He has been awaiting me and after a separation of any kind, that when I reach for Him, He claps and says "Yeahhhhh!"  

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