Recent glimpses . . .

Jun 24, 2016

These are some of my recent favorite moments.

My new friend Kerri could be an Anthropologie model. She is getting her hair done at Salon de Chichigua!

Most photogenic baby girl ever! One of the things that I love here is how neighbors take care of each other as their own - always.

This chicken knows where to go to hide from Annabelle, the chicken chaser.

The glance. Love it.

People I love with people I love. My nephew.

Hugs are passed out freely here, but this one is special. She has been on a trip here for 3 years in a row and kids know and remember her. 

Tug of war of love. Sisters fighting over someone who loves them and seeks them out on a daily basis!

First graders at VBS cheering on their classmates in a three legged race.

More glimpses to follow :) What would you like to see more of?

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