Jun 28, 2015

Chicken Chasing in Chichigua

They KNOW when they see HER what she is going to do.

It's part of her capture/release plan of childhood in one of our favorite communities here on the North Coast, Chichigua.  Sometimes she ropes a visiting group member into helping her (*thanks Juliet).

Chicken chasing is tiring.  It's better with a friend(s).

Sometimes it's the common plight of all gringitas/os under the age of 10 to each stalk, capture and release a chick of their choice. Sometimes one of the nice neighbors helps all the kids handle a chick.

We've checked and double checked with our friends in this community, whose chicks and chickens she chases, about whether or not this is ok for her to do - ready to start the battle of ending this practice if necessary because we certainly don't want to upset or disrespect our friends here.  They smile and laugh and tell us "Esta bien!" (It's ok!)

And there was that one time that they told us she could take the chicken home with her since she had spent hours attempting to capture it and then FINALLY had had succes.  So sweet but we had to decline this gracious offer because we were leaving for the states. As you can see from her face, she was NOT happy with this parental logic.

Why no, that chicken is not on the roof because of the kids. Wink. Wink.
In all seriousness, we have a great LOVE for the communities that Makarios serves, and this one holds a sweet spot in all of my familiy's hearts - and not just because of the chickens!

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