Nov 27, 2013

The place where stillness stirs . . .

A pen drop could be heard in our hearts, that silent place where stillness stirs like a moment held sacred, a whisper so soft and compelling and yet so loud and inviting. “Come, follow Me.” 

This open invitation, equally as available and personal for you as for us, has rocked our world in the fullest of ways. It is at this point of turning that we want to invite you to journey alongside us as we follow the Lord’s leading to Makarios International, a Christ centered ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel through the avenue of education and community outreach on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. With Makarios, Jon will serve as the Dominican Director, overseeing all facets of the ministry on the ground in the Dominican Republic.

At this moment, we sit (but not for long) stateside on a holy spirit scavenger hunt of sorts, in which we are prayerfully and excitedly looking to gather ministry partners to financially and prayerfully join our support team.  We are keenly aware that this kind of partnership is forged by the Lord and glued by the Holy Spirit, and our deepest desire is to authentically and passionately present the vision and mission of Makarios to those who are interested in making an impact for the kingdom of God on the island of Hispanola . . . specifically for the people who are defined as materially impoverished living in the bateys of Chichigua, Tamarindo and Poncho Mateo (for photos and information about batey life, visit 

We recognize that we are just as broken as those we hope to serve, that apart from Jesus and the gospel of peace, we have nothing to offer, but GOD . . . He has called us to the place where stillness stirs and we are surrendered to His will for us.  If you believe He may be calling you to give in some way and to partner with us, we welcome the opportunity to tell you more!

We will be in the states until February, at which point we hope to be fully funded and return to the Dominican Republic to officially begin on the ground with Makarios International.

Abiding in Him,

Jon and Rachel Sawyer

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