Walking in . . .

May 10, 2013

Two girls.  Artists of sorts.  Kindred spirits. Friends for a long time, having laughed hard, loved much and having failed the other, forgiveness offered and received.  Separate paths with unanticpated and sweet intersections.

At times, trapped. Each by her own thoughts, made of mental metal bars of iron, one after the other.  A cage they made, each their own.  Struggles ensued.  But what happened?

They BROKE FREE, each one.  Lies exposed  for what they are.  A path to freedom, beautiful.  The truth is . . . powerful.  Out of the lost and found, lifted by a SAVIOR that said  “I am the way and the truth and the life."  John 14:6

One girl believed lies.  The other was entrapped by the cubby holes of the world in which she did not fit.

But God . . . . 
makes plans,
is the giver of every perfect gift,
is a craftsman specializing in uniqueness (as opposed to the world's counterfit  of manufactured difference, which is lifeless sameness),
selects special talents and gifts for each one.
His purposes will not be thwarted.
He invites us to be extension rods of His power, so much as we are yielded,
and sometimes, even when we are not.
He makes some NOT to fit, giving magnetic magnificense to His work.  We are His marketing strategy - not that He needs one (and not that He needs us).  Why?  

Because when we live according to how He made us, in line with His word, without comparing, without folding ourselves up to fit in a box we don't belong in, without bars and chains of our own making, apart from lies, with His word as our roadmap, we are walking in HIS truth and His freedom.

How much more does shattered glass reflect light as opposed to a solid piece?  Our nuances have been customized to take in and reflect His light.  His grace makes our rough edges as silk, allowing us to rub up against others with love, rathering than causing gashes that we would carve in others apart from Him.  He meant us for communion with Him and with others.

Back to the girls . . .

One girl was a believer of lies.   Mentally convinced to settle for falsehood, paralized and written off as "no threat" by the father of lies, whom she allowed to feed her a steady diet of untruth, wispering in her ear subtle shifts from rightness, playing off of her insecurities.

Until . . . having soaked in the real truth of God's word to the point of saturation, eyes were opened.  She refuses to be an easy target, written off as ineffective, because she has a SAVIOR who promises to never leave her or forsake her (Deuteronomy 31:6), who gifts her a spirit of truth that dwells within her (John 14:17),  who equips her with the belt of truth (Ephesians 6:14) as well as other armor.

To believe the truth, one must know what it is, and one must wear it like a garment.  We were born out of the truth (James 1:18), but sometimes we forget our origin.

The other, she WAS caged. Past tense. But the truth is the gateway to freedom.
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 
Freedom from lies,
freedom from worldly cubbies,
freedom to live for His glory,
freedom to live without fear of man,
freedom to speak the truth boldly and with love,
freedom to create without the confines of only what can be comprehended.

To walk in freedom, one has to open the door locked from the inside and take one step and then another, clothed in the word of truth.  (For to take steps, not out of truth, is to walk backwards willingly yet unaware  into a mind-made cage.)  Choosing to unlock the door from the inside is a daily exercise, not a one time action.  It's a matter of surrender and trust.

I am SHE.  The truth is Christ. Freedom is walking in His promises.

How will you walk?

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  1. Keep writing Rachel. Thankful for the gift God's given you.



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