Pebble in a pond, ripples of glory

Mar 13, 2013

Back to my girl, Bethany Brown.  You can read posts about her significance to me here and here.  The Lord gave me this blog title shortly after her death as I was digesting all that had happened, what  the Lord was revealing to me, etc.  As I have learned to tune into the Lord and His voice, it is really cool that often when I feel Him speaking to me, it is through a visual picture - HE knows I understand visuals better than anything else  . . . . He's sweet like that.  But I digress.

Here is the visual He gave me in regards to Bethany:  a pebble in a pond with ripples of His glory.  Bethany's life of a quarter of a century was not long, but it was FULL.  While I only knew her a short time and not very well, the lessons that I have learned from her life and her death are ones that I hold close to my heart, and have God's glory stamped all over them.  Even the ripples of a tiny pebble are far reaching.  But when God's heart, love and will are the substance of that pebble, the ripples of His glory reach all kinds of hidden nooks and crannies.  I hope my pebble is as packed as Bethany's was.  Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me via Bethany of how YOUR love in someone makes them a mighty tool for YOU.  I wanna be used like that.

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