U.S.A. part 5 of ?: The last little drops of L.J.

Sep 11, 2012

So I'm sadly down to the last few, lingering drops of our time in L.J.  I wish had more photos with my parents and my sisters and that friend I visited with that I hadn't seen in like 7 years! (Shame on us Shannon for not taking a photo!  I even had my camera with! I stink.)  Nonetheless, I tuck these memories in my pocket, carry them with me like that crumpled note in my jeans, and pull them out when I feel lonely and misunderstood.  They keep my insides warm and fuzzy and remind me of people that love me no matter what.

Have I mentioned c.d.o. runs in my family?  (That's o.c.d. (obsessive compulsive disorder) but in alphabetical order as it should be. Ha.  My sisters and I are very different, but cut from the same cloth.  This sister here  has like umteen cameras with her at all times.  She's got a back up for her back up.  We're two peas in a pod because we are usually both armed with one (or three, in her case!)

This sister here, she actually can pull off normal . . . . for a time.  But I've got one word for you: Bambakophobia.  Google it.  It's real.  I've seen what it can do a person - kid you not.  Poor thang.
(sorry to out you, Kim!)

Taylor jamming in my parents' sunroom during a rain shower.  So talented, laid back and smart.  Can't wait to see what the Lord does with him - or what he does with the Lord.

And Sweet Samantha with her Mario Cart Crew and ginormous bean bag . . . .  Thanks for wrangling and entertaining and hanging out . . .

Already miss sitting on the dock at my sister's house . . .

Throwing out dog food and waiting for the fish and turtles to chow.

It was so fun to catch up with people.  These are friends from Sagemont Church including my high school friend, Joy.  Love these peeps.  Can't wait to have them back in the D.R. in November (minus Joy who will have a new little baby girl at that point. Yahoooo!)  

This is the Sagemont cross as visible from the beltway in Houston.  You can see it well before you reach the church.  It's pretty awesome.

This particular photo reminds me about a study that I've been doing about the names of God.  El Elyon is the name for GOD MOST HIGH, sovereign ruler of the universe, and how He, a loving father,  ultimately has power over all things.  Like this photo where the cross towers over even the power lines, I am reminded that El Elyon is the ultimate source of power and how Satan can not do anything without His permission.  So, even as I am far from the people that I love, I trust in Him and His plan. Amen.  

Next post = moving on to big D.

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