U.S.A. part 4 of who knows how many: Unforgettable 4th

Sep 3, 2012

LJ continued continued.


It always stinks when we are in the D.R. and the 4th of July kinda comes and goes without so much as a sparkler or a picnic.  But since we were in the U.S.A. for the 4th of July this year, we celebrated it with a family feast and a homemade fireworks display (outside of the city limits of course.)

There was a ginormous double blow up slide, homemade ice cream, the best shrimp kabobs EVA, tons of yummy brisket and other great stuff that I ate with wild abandon and now can't remember.

Yes, I do take pictures of my food sometimes.  I can't really explain it.

OH WAIT!  Yes, I can!  We don't GET THIS STUFF in the D.R! Okay, that makes it more normal right?  Not so freakish that I photograph food, right?  RIGHT!  (Smile, nod, back away s - l- o-w-l-y.)

(And in this case I was taking the picture to send it back to some poor sole in the D.R. so that I could totally gloat about what I was partaking in! Nice.  But since I take 20 million photos and have no time to process them, I never actually followed through with my e-vil intentions.  It was Jon's idea, anyways :)

At least we know the pool's not contaminated!

There was sidewalk chalk, swimming, eating, swimming, eating, eating, eating, fireworks.

Wet super squeezer hugs!  Free of charge!  Who's first?

The peanut gallery looking on as the fireworks display is being set up.

Peanut gallery continued . . .  I love my parents!
Isn't this hilarious?  My sister's pug, Otis, goes absolutely limp when she carries him!  He doesn't do this with other people.  Only her!  So funny . . . . . . .  he's puggy in her hands. Mwahaaa  haaaaaa

My nephew and his friends did a really spectacular fireworks show.  It was really, really fun.

They braved the mosquitos for the fireworks.

Unforgettable 4th, we'll remember you :)

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