Sometimes I'm the bird.

Sep 14, 2010

It is flying along it's happy little birdy path into a clearing and WHAM-O! An unseen obstacle in the form of a thick piece of glass separates the stunned bird from it's destination. Fluttering with all it's might, it goes at it again. WHAM-O!  Again. WHAM.   Punch drunk, dazed and whoozy, it sits on a ledge in front of said "clearing" isolated,  looking out wondering why it can't get to where it needs and wants to go.

 It sits in a slapped stupor gazing at other birds sitting in an avocado tree so close that it can smell the guacamole.  It is even beak to beak with another bird, only isolated by the invisible barrier, the other bird happily hopping along the ledge of the window on the other side.

Sometimes I'm that bird.  I can't see or understand the obstacle in my path.  I think I'm supposed to be in the tree just ahead where I can see others enjoying food, shelter, the breeze.  I think that I am trapped inside a place where I should not be and I deliberately throw myself against the invisible barrier repeatedly.  I sit in a stupor trying to figure out what is going on.  Yes, there are other windows open that I could and perhaps should fly thru, but do I?  No.  WHAM -O!

Lord, Jesus, help me to turn and see the open windows and doorways in my life when I am that bird repeatedly throwing myself against a barrier - invisible or not.  Help me to see the possibilities thru your eyes and to recognize your sovereignty when I can't understand why I can't get to where I think I'm supposed to go.  Help me, in my stupor, to see you and to listen to your voice and seek your face.  Help me to fly to the cross.

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