Things you can buy from your car

Jan 31, 2011

Dominican drive-up shopping at it's finest.  These are just some of the things that I caught on our way to Sosua last weekend.  All of these things are offered right on the side of the road - just roll down window, point, pay, receive your item and you're on your way!
Rag rugs.  I want me one.


Avocados.  Cell phone chargers/holders.

Have you ever seen anything more beeeeutiful?

Mandarins, peanuts, grapefruit bananas, avocados, coconut, honey, juice.

Mandarin oranges.  Sooooooo yummy.  They call to me.

The whole hog.  For real.  

Chickens in a chicken truck.  


  1. Oh man! You just reminded me that I REALLY want a rag rug and I never bought one before i left!

  2. I miss the days of being able to roll the window down and shopping from the convenience of your car!


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